Letter From The Publisher

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong. ~ Leo Buscaglia

I enjoy the planning, and the reading of the articles each month in ARRAY, but the May issue is one of those special issues. The Magnificent Moms and Inspirational Women issue is moving to read. We have such amazing women within our community that go above and beyond every day. The stories of these women are just amazing! Another incredible thing is there are so many that it’s hard to choose who will go into our May issue! Our community is such a diverse and varied one and we have so much to learn from every person here.

ARRAY is on a path to real growth and recently while interviewing for sales consultants, writers, and interns for the summer I’ve had the pleasure to meet some amazing people, and all with very interesting stories. Everyone has a story and we should take the time to listen. When everyone is in place, ARRAY will be like this community…a diverse and eclectic group! We have people from all over the country, male, female, various ages, a myriad of life experiences and education, sundry of skills and talents, and a lot of thoughts and information in this group. It’s so exciting! One person came to us because they wanted the freedom to expand and spread their wings, to be creative and grow. I’m proud to say we are that type of company.

As I listened and learned from my family members growing up as they ran businesses and were involved with the community it was ingrained in me to surround myself with good people, and then be willing to listen to what they have to say. One of our team members described me as someone who knows what they want. She said AnneMarie will let you know what she wants, and then steps back to let you do it.She doesn’t micro-manage but encourages creativity, but will be there to help when needed. To me that is a huge compliment, and I love the energy our team has.

At ARRAY, I think we do a pretty good job of working together, while accomplishing great things and creating a publication each month that people thank us for doing. It’s a great feeling to be thanked for doing what you love! Our team also steps up and helps in the community, whether it’s with the Alzheimer’s Walk, Habitat for Humanity, the Downtown Merchants, the Spring Lake Town Rising, the Fayetteville and Hope Mills Chamber, FAPS, the Arts Council and so many more. How many other business owners can say that about their team? While most of our team are women, we applaud the men associated with us. While a woman founded and owned publication, we are operated by the entire team, because without them there would be no ARRAY. Without the support of our community of advertisers and readers, there would be no ARRAY. We appreciate each one of you and are working hard to grow the numbers in both areas.

We always look forward the talents and skill sets of our summer interns, who live here, but attend school all over the country. We are glad they seek ARRAY out and glad they walk away with knowledge and experience at the end of their semester.

I will have to say I’m a proud mama!! Proud of the family support and help I get with the magazine, proud of our team and all they do, and proud of ARRAY and what it offers to our community. I’m looking forward to the growth of our team, of ARRAY, of our readers, advertisers and what we can give back to our community as we approach year 4!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and thanks for your support!

See you around town!