Letter From The Publisher

Don’t be influenced by your environment, influence your environment! ~ James Lawson

While people react differently to their environment and each person can perceive it differently, we still have the option to control it and not have it control us. If you surround yourself with negativity and clutter then you are more likely to become negative, even depressed and feel there is no way out. However, if you surround yourself with positive people, an organized home, and even just keeping your desk organized helps you to be a positive person and stay motivated.

I read recently that if you got up every morning and made your bed, it would help you to have a better day, no matter what else was going on in your life. If your life is spinning out of control and you feel overwhelmed by life, just by making your bed each morning you have control over that part of your life. It begins your day with organization, a task, a goal, a purpose, and is has a positive effect on you. Who thought that something as simple as making your bed each morning could have such an impact on your day? (Well, your grandmother did, because I’m sure you were told plenty of times by her to make your bed!)

ARRAY and Team ARRAY has been very busy recently and we are very excited about our future. We are surrounding ourselves with positivity. We are in Downtown Fayetteville sharing the space with Revolutionary Co-working and Sustainable Sandhills and getting to know our Downtown neighbors. We are loving being involved with the growth of Downtown and all the exciting things happening. Make sure you stop by sometime.

We have recently incorporated regular online meetings as well as personal meetings into our schedule. While we had good intentions of a weekly or monthly meeting to start the week off, it just didn’t happen like we wanted and was a stressful situation. Instead of getting frustrated and increasing our stress we went to a different plan. Now we start the week off with an 8 am online meeting. It’s amazing what you can do when you can all come in front of the computer, no makeup, a cup of coffee, sometimes without combing your hair, without being judged, since everyone is in the same attire! We say good morning and catch up in 5 minutes or less and then jump in with both feet to recap the past week and talk about the current week and the projects and events and meetings we have going on. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in an hour! And then we are all charged up, ready to go and able to make a difference in the week.

ARRAY is now the only woman owned print publication in Cumberland County, so we are pulling out the #girlpower and #ladyboss every chance we get. Instead of letting the challenge of being in a male dominated field we have embraced our environment! Who knows better on how to juggle many tasks at one time and accomplish them all! A #ladyboss understands sick children, school plays, child care situations, sick spouse, bake sale commitments, aging parents, and greatly appreciates a supportive and understanding spouse, who does need some time with you…all while juggling a job that you are giving 100% to and meeting those work obligations. A #ladyboss doesn’t need to yell and throw temper tantrums, as that is something her children did…once! We have some amazing men that are part of Team ARRAY and their effort and commitment is so greatly appreciated. It is good to sit down and talk with them and get their perspective as well. Also, we realize how beneficial it can be to be multi-generational, and this helps keep us current, well-rounded and informed on so many levels.

Thanks to our readers, our advertisers and our team we are continuing to grow! So as we surround ourselves with wonderful people, events, locations, and community we are staying positive and growing and have some amazing plans in the works for the rest of the year!!

See you around town!