Letter From The Publisher

It’s not that we expect too much from a boyfriend or husband, it’s just that our dads have set very high standards on how we should be treated.

Being a daddy’s girl always makes the June issue special, but it’s hard to believe we have put together another “Dynamic Dads” issue!!

The “Dynamic Dads” issue is full of some amazing men who have shared the love they have for their families, community, and businesses. These men are a real inspiration to all of us; as they open up to our writers about how they handle all those challenges while being a role model. We hope you enjoy each article on these dynamic dads!

In May, members of Team ARRAY were at a meeting of the Downtown merchants (and others) to learn more about the plans for direction of growth for the ball field and downtown. While learning more about the upcoming Downtown growth, Team ARRAY has met some amazing men and women behind this Herculean task.  Being a native of Cumberland County, it is great to see people coming together to grow our Downtown. Allie, from Team ARRAY, has written a great article that explains so much about all the changes that are going to be happening between now and April 2019. We hope you enjoy learning about all the various plans.

While you hear talk of how Downtown wasn’t a place to go in years’ past, I, on the other hand, remember a different Downtown. Yes, one end of Hay Street (where the bars were located) was a section you didn’t go to, but that was not all of Downtown. I remember taking swimming lessons during the summer at the YMCA (Downtown), then walking over to the library, where I enjoyed my time browsing the shelves of books and reading. I remember going Downtown with girlfriends to the movies and shopping at S.H. Kress, or shopping at Fleishman’s with my grandmother for a Homecoming outfit, then stopping by the pool hall for a wonderful sandwich. I would go shopping with my mother at Penny’s and Sears, and with my aunt and other grandmother at The Capital. Downtown was a vibrant place at that time, and will be again!

ARRAY is loving their space at Revolutionary Coworking on Hay Street, and we are very excited about all the new businesses and restaurants coming to Downtown. All our “neighbors” at RevCo are amazing! We have a translator, an insurance agent, an attorney, nonprofits, a business coach, direct sales, a college advisor, a social media marketer, and so much more on the sixth floor! Stop by and check out the space.

Summer in Downtown is going to be so exciting! There will be food trucks set up at Festival Park this summer, new businesses are opening (while some are moving to larger locations), there are new galleries, a florist, boutiques, yoga, 24-hour exercise, various restaurants, smoothie places, coffee shops, a tea shop, a jewelry store, a book store, a bagel shop, the Astros office, and so much more in our blooming Downtown area. Many of these are owned and operated by Dynamic Dads and Marvelous Moms! We’ll see you Downtown!

ARRAY has some wonderful folks joining our team, as well as our summer interns. Be sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and check out our website www.ArrayNC.com. We have a lot of exciting things coming up. Thank you to our readers and advertisers! Plus, a BIG Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Still a daddy’s girl!

See you around town!