The Sculpture Culture Comes to Fayetteville Part 4

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Part 4
Written by Stone Samuels

Look how time flies – here it is almost springtime (with all of the crazy weather changes from day-to-day). We are already on our fourth installment of the Sculpture Culture. In this month’s installment we will be again featuring the work of Jonathan Stivers Bowling. We will be looking at his “Giraffe”, which has been placed at the front of the Fayetteville City Hall. This “Giraffe” is the epitome of creation meeting imagination.

When you get close to this amazing sculpture, just the sheer size of it will make you want to look even closer. As in all of Mr. Bowling’s works, there is great attention paid to the details; from the overall look to the materials used to bring it to life. This piece will speak to you because looking at it will move your mind to the real animal. When you glance down and see the wheels it, however, it also takes you in a completely different direction.

If you speak with Jonathan about his love of what he does, you could truly see why his work is so amazing.  You can see it in his eyes as he talks: there is passion in his words and that passion translates into beautiful creatures that are made of metal. He has great vision in his approach as to how that he will create each piece.

Having a chance to write and photograph these wonderful pieces of art has given this writer a unique perspective and appreciation of the artists and of their work. They put their hearts into it, and they deserve all of the benefits and accolades that they receive from the public and from the art world.

This is just the first quarter of 2017 and we have so far to go. Keep yourself entertained by continuing to support the artists by viewing their wonderful pieces. Follow their stories and you never know, it might entice you to bring out the inner artist in you.

Jonathan Bowling

Jonathan Stivers Bowling is a sculptor and collector who lives in Greenville, NC.  He primarily uses old pieces of scrap metal (rail spikes, metal from old cars, forks, and knives and such) that he turns into beautiful works of animal art. If you ride through Greenville you just know that you are in the right spot, because you can see his sculptures all over town.

Jonathan is also a collector of art, so he also has an eye for the work of other artists of all kinds. From one artist to another, appreciation of a peer’s work is one of the greatest things one artist can do for another.

Like many artists, Jonathan used to do different types of abstract art, something that, over the years, he has gradually moved away from. He wants his art to touch people in a way that moves them and gives the viewer something that they can relate to, reactions that abstract art often does not generate. Bowling studied Sculpture at the University of Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and also received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. He would pursue his graduate degree in Fine Art at East Carolina University.

He grew up in Kentucky on a cattle farm, and has been working in different mediums of art since childhood. His education and his experiences on the farm help feed his passion for what he creates as an artist – and has produced some great artwork.

The city of Fayetteville and the Arts Council are showing the citizens that they are committed to bringing new and different exhibits to Fayetteville in the ever-changing scenery of the art world.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Sculpture Culture, where we will continue to bring you another piece of this amazing art.

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