The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville – Part 6

Written by Stone Samuels

We are flying through 2017, and June is already here. Summer is upon us, and that means that the number of sculptures is getting smaller and smaller. When we started this project, it was clear that there was much to be learned from; about both the sculptures and their artists. As the writer of these articles, the knowledge that I’ve been gained has been invaluable, in putting together my research for these articles.

The success of these sculptures should draw other types of artists who work in different mediums. Hopefully, this will prompt The Arts Council of Fayetteville to expand, and to bring more projects to the downtown area, which is ever-expanding.

We are once again showcasing the work of sculptor, Rob Lorenson. Having a chance to see his work up close and personal has made this writer go even deeper into researching his work, and I have to say that I am truly impressed with his work. His work will talk to you and have you trying to figure out, “What was he thinking?” At least, that is what it does for me.

Come to the downtown area, have some lunch, take a walk around, and enjoy the sights of these amazing sculptures. Give yourself a chance to expand your mental palate, and add to your plate of knowledge. You will not regret the experience. If nothing else, it will give you another topic for dinner conversation.

Coming downtown and viewing the sculptures can also give us an opportunity to cultivate new acquaintances, and even new friendships. These sculptures, in their own way, can help to bring people from different walks of life together on something to talk about, and that just brings us all one step closer.

Rob Lorenson –“Tall Trikaya”

Rob Lorenson is a very accomplished sculptor that has a lot of different works; many in different galleries and exhibits all over the country. He is a very well-educated and talented man, who has his beautiful works in over 200 various collections; both private and public. His work varies in size; from small table top pieces, to full large-scale sculptures. Rob earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, and he earned his Masters of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University at DeKalb.

He lives and works in southeastern Massachusetts. He has been a Professor of Sculpture at Bridgewater State University, and has been teaching sculpture to students, since 1999. Effectively, what Lorenson has done over his career as an educator, and as an artist sculptor, is to give lovely pieces of art to the world. Also, he has passed on the tools for many young artists to carry one artist’s view of the art world into the future. These young students must be in awe – learning how to sculpt from such an accomplished sculptor.

Looking at his sculptures, you can see the meticulous work and long hours spent refining each little detail. The “Tall Trikaya” sculpture seems to be suspended in time. You get the illusion of pieces of the sculpture are being suspended in the air. The yellow-painted aluminum stands out because of its shape and size. If you want to get the full effect, you should look at the sculpture from a variety of different angles. When you look at Rob’s body of work, you can see a theme to it, but in the same sense, they are all different.

If you are an artistic individual, you can get a sense of who Lorenson is as a sculptor, or if you are just the casual viewer, you can see that this very talented man is a rock star in the art world. Do yourself a favor and come downtown, and take a very long gander at this wonderful sculpture. “Tall Trikaya” is on the corner of Rowan and Green Street.

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