The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Part 3

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Part 3
Written by Stone Samuels


Well, here we are already on our third installment of the Sculpture Culture and all of the interest that they have garnered in the short time that they have been in the area. In my estimation, the sculptures have been drawing more and more people to the downtown area.

Bob Doster - Falling LeavesOver the years drawing folks to the downtown area has always been a challenge, but that has been changing over time with new businesses coming to the area. The downtown area has been growing, and as a result more people and businesses are looking to move to the area. Fayetteville downtown is not the same as it was when I was a young soldier stationed at Fort Bragg.

The Fayetteville Arts Council (Work in Progress Initiative) has given this journalist and photographer a chance to gain some valuable knowledge about a very different facet of the art world. It has been a very nice learning experience, something that I am always looking to find.

Having the sculptures in the immediate downtown area is helping to bring more and more people out to check out tremendous pieces of art. Looking at each sculpture, you get a different story from each piece of art and another story from the mind of the sculptor.

These amazing sculptures vary so much in the way they are done and it would be incredible to be inside the head of one or all of the sculptors as he/she as they are coming up with their concepts. That would make them even more incredible to behold.

This month we will be focusing on a flowing piece sitting on Hay Street near the Wine Café. The name of the sculpture is “Falling Leaves”; sculpted by internationally known sculptor Bob Doster, this brilliant work of art is made from Corten Steel.

Just imagine – sitting outside of the Wine Café having a glass of wine with a friend and discussing the merits of this piece. It does not get much better than that: being able to sit outside and view it in this beautiful weather only adds to the allure of this beautiful sculpture.

Bob Doster - Falling LeavesBob Doster
Falling Leaves

Life-long South Carolina resident Bob Doster has been an artist for more than fifty years. He is an internationally acclaimed and award winning artist. He is also the owner (since 1977) of Backstreet Studio in Lancaster, SC, and operated by Bob and his wife, Cherry Doster. Bob has artwork in many different venues around the world: museums, galleries, parks, corporates offices, and both public and private collections.

Mr. Doster is heavily involved in the art world. His Avant Garde Art Center is a non-profit that helps out in the community with all types of programs including Summer camps, Concerts, Youth work study, Mask-making, Soles for Souls and so many more. He is a known entity in his community and far beyond, having been featured in magazines and newspapers all over the country.

Bob was educated at both the University of South Carolina and at Clemson University, holding art degrees from both universities. He has worked with more than 150,000 students of all ages and backgrounds; when you think about the amount of students that he has come in contact with, the numbers are quite overwhelming, but these associations will reach far into the future. His influences could usher in the next Auguste Rodin of Paris or Donatello of Florence, Italy.

Bob has sculptures that are very playful and some that are truly complex. In either case you will find something that will catch your eye.

Having found such an internationally known sculptor that is virtually right next door has been real eye-opening experience because you do not get to see the work of someone with such an impressive body of work both as a sculptor and as a scholar in small-town America. We are glad that one of Mr. Doster’s fine works of art is gracing the downtown area of our fine city.

Next month we will be continuing with our series with our next sculpture. Stay tuned for another amazing piece of art.

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