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How To Choose An Agent

Jose from Spring Lake asks: Tina, I am looking to buy a home but am becoming a bit overwhelmed as I go at it alone. How would you recommend choosing an agent?  Hi, Jose! Thank you for your question. When it comes to buying a home, it can be a very exciting but stressful time; the job of a real estate agent is to help. So, it is very important [...]

Dollar$ and $ense – June

Here is another example of – What if something that I thought to be true turned out not to be true? When would I want to find out about it? The answer is obviously, immediately.  There are many things that we have been taught over the years that seem to be in your or your family’s best interest, but upon further study, that is just [...]

Jerome Scott – The Insurance Guy

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” – Albert Einstein Successful entrepreneurs are influencers. They make a difference. Their success cannot be attributed to any one thing; rather, it is a combination of factors that seem to blend seamlessly. That’s exactly what appears to be [...]

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. This month focuses on reducing injuries and accidents in the home, workplace, and other areas. The following safety tips are suggested in the areas of swimming, biking, fun in the sun, stranger danger, and driving.     Swimming Pool Safety  Teach children pool safety rules.      Sign children up for a swimming class to learn proper swimming and water safety techniques.  Learn how to perform CPR.   Make sure there is constant supervision of children [...]

How the Work Rules Can Work For You

Retirement does not have the same meaning for everyone. Some people plan to retire and never work again. Some people plan for second careers in occupations that would not have adequately supported their families, but they do the work for pure enjoyment. Some people, whether by design or desire, choose to work part-time or seasonally [...]

Reducing Ground Level Ozone

Ground level ozone, a pollutant caused primarily by vehicle emissions, sunlight, and high temperatures, is created in our area during the spring and summer months. Ground level ozone is not to be confused with the Ozone Layer, which protects us from the Suns’ harmful UV rays. Chronic conditions like asthma and heart disease can develop if a person is exposed to [...]

Place Making

“These are human-scale problems, and that means that they have human-scale solutions.”  “This is like the Mad Hatter Den,” says Hanah Ehrenreich, a woman entrepreneur with quite a collection of her own proverbial hats to wear.   Last year, Hanah, her husband, and as she vibrantly expressed, “eight other crazy people,” opened Revolutionary Coworking in the heart of [...]

Sweet Tea on a Starlit Night

Imagine a starry summer night, a gentle breeze tickling the hair on the back of your neck as you enjoy locally prepared food and a nice beverage with friends. You are sitting on the lawn of the historic 1897 Poe House, waiting for an outdoor play to begin. You know that the actors of Sweet Tea Shakespeare will provide a top-notch performance, keeping [...]