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Natasha Williams: A Bright Star

Written by Amy Garner Natasha Williams is bigger than life—her presence brightens up the entire room. She was in town briefly recently, and we got together to chat and take a few pictures. We met up at the ARRAY office at Revolutionary Coworking, and she quickly morphed from your standard running-errands-attire of sneakers, khakis and… Read more »

New Fayetteville Chamber ‘Shoots Straight’

Written by Robin Minnick On March 24, the Greater Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce announced a new CEO and president would be taking position in April. Once Christine Michaels has completed her move from Florida to Fayetteville, she will step into her new role heading up the Chamber. While she brings nearly 20 years’ experience of… Read more »

The Sculpture Culture Comes to Fayetteville Part 5

Written by Stone Samuels Wow! It looks like time is truly flying this year because here we are again and it is already May. We are already almost half way through 2017 and we are featuring our fifth sculpture in our series of ten. This month we will be featuring the work of Sculptor, Painter… Read more »

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Part 3

Bob Doster - Falling Leaves

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Part 3 Written by Stone Samuels   Well, here we are already on our third installment of the Sculpture Culture and all of the interest that they have garnered in the short time that they have been in the area. In my estimation, the sculptures have been drawing more… Read more »

The Sculpture Culture Comes to Fayetteville Part 4

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville Part 4 Written by Stone Samuels Look how time flies – here it is almost springtime (with all of the crazy weather changes from day-to-day). We are already on our fourth installment of the Sculpture Culture. In this month’s installment we will be again featuring the work of Jonathan… Read more »

First Couple of Spring Lake

Where Love Meets Politics: The First Couple of Spring Lake Written by Robin Minnick   Love languages. What a strange topic for discussion with a politician. But then, Chris V. Rey is not your standard politician. Mayor of Spring Lake since first elected in 2011, Chris divides his time among family, public service, and directing… Read more »

Coworking Revolutionizes Fayetteville through Friendship

Coworking is good for anyone who needs space to work. Not only can you be around other people who are working, but it is affordable, efficient and shrinks the carbon footprint. It does a lot of good things. “But for me,” says Dalton Carter, a founder of Fayetteville Coworking, “the word ‘coworking’ is a trendy,… Read more »

Midway Barber & More

Whether it’s cutting hair, or cutting up beats, Travis Fowler is skilled with his hands and tools. Travis, or “Supa Trav”, as his friends call him, has been working at the Midway Barber Shop, located at 4521 Bragg Boulevard in Fayetteville, since the late 1990’s. In 2003, Travis bought the well-established barber shop from Mr…. Read more »

The Sculpture Culture comes to Fayetteville

Culture comes in many ways, sometimes in the form of cuisine, dance, or people. In this instance, it comes in the form of sculptures strategically placed in the downtown area. There are ten unique works of art that will be in the Fayetteville on display until October of 2017. These sculptures were created by various… Read more »

Renewed Sight: The Vision Resource Center

"My life was forever changed. I needed a job. And I got this job…and it changed my life." Terri Thomas is the executive director at the Vision Resource Center, whose mission is to "enhance the lives of adults and children living in the Cape Fear Region who are blind or visually impaired". I met Terri… Read more »