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Meet Kia Walker, the woman I affectionately call “The Song Bird.” Kia is the owner of Blue Violin Music Education Center and is known by many as a phenomenal music teacher. This, I knew upon meeting her, but a few weeks ago, I heard her sing. Her voice was smooth like butter and she seemingly sang with everything that resonated within her.

Kia was born in Kinston, N.C., but has lived most of her life in Fayetteville. About eight years ago, she began her journey in Music Education. When asked what could have stopped her, she shared the fear that resulted from negative thoughts in her mind. Before she actually started, she worried that she would not meet her monthly overhead.

How often have you heard it said, “face the fear and do it anyway”? That’s exactly what Kia chose as she shares that she was drawn to music education. Despite her fear, she moved forward, sought advice from a successful business woman, and now shares with others what was shared with her by Lila Washington. Her advice to those wanting to start a business, understand two things: (1) “there are peaks and valleys” and (2) “one should never stop praying.”

I asked Kia what made her heart sing and it was no surprise that “Music” was her reply. She said, “I love music literacy. I love different genres. In the beauty around us, I see music and when music is done correctly, it evokes tears of joy.” Other than music, Kia added, “I like designing, making, and selling jewelry.” With that adage, she is an artist in more ways than one.

To experience one of Kia Walker’s performances is breathtaking. It doesn’t take long to understand that music is her life. It is within every breath that she breathes. The same is true when witnessing her with her students. Her talent is evident and the gift of who she is and what she does is for the world. She shared, “I never want to perform without teaching, and I never wanted to teach without performing. I want both and it is my desire to be excellent at both.”

Kia’s testimony is that her personal desire to always grow and evolve as a vocalist and instrumentalist, and to witness other individuals grow musically, was more than enough to push past her fears. “Doing better, being better, singing better, playing better, teaching better, performing better, and meeting expectations better. These are the things that drive me.” Even her life mantra is a song, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better, best.”

Blue Violin Music Education Center

102-C Person Street

Fayetteville, N.C.

Written by Anissa Short