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What exactly is Array Magazine? We are, of course, a magazine printed and distributed to the public FREE of charge! We focus on content surrounding Fayetteville, NC and Cumberland County of North Carolina. Be sure to look out for our sponsors, because they are the reason you are able to enjoy our monthly magazine!

For those of you that are considering ad space in our magazine know that you are not only buying ad space, but also supporting us to bring news to a thriving community of individuals and families. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that we can continue together in building a unique community of residents and business-owners alike.

NC Local

Array Magazine prides itself in being locally owned, operated, and produced for the public of Fayetteville, NC and Cumberland County North Carolina.

Small Business Supporter

As we are a small business ourselves it is only natural that we should support other small businesses and we do quite often!

FREE to the Public!

Arguably one of the best features is that this magazine is totally FREE to the public both in print all around Fayetteville and online!


Print Magazine

Here at Array Magazine we think it’s very important to keep print media and print magazines alive while keeping up with online trends.

Digital Issues

With the changing world we must adapt and overcome! Array NC is offering each months issue online here at the website!

Love and Care

With the help of our wonderful staff we aim to craft each months issue with an ever-increasing amount of love and care.

Array Magazine is proud to sponsor as well as cover various events throughout the year. Be sure to catch each months magazine issue and check the website often for upcoming media releases!

Fearless Leaders

Array Magazine boasts one of the finest staffs in not just North Carolina, but the entire United States. Check out our lineup of fantastic people!

AnneMarie Ziegler

AnneMarie Ziegler

Founder & Editor

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