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“If you don’t know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it” ~Oprah Winfrey 

September is upon us and there will be an array of events in our wonderful community (see what I did there!?), all of which I’m very excited about.  

The International Folk Festival is one of those many events; and talk about an array of something! There will be over 30 countries represented in this year’s International Folk Festival, which will be celebrating its 40th year! ARRAY is excited to once again be in the parade, which showcases the numerous countries, native attire, music, and dance on Saturday, September 29th in Downtown Fayetteville. ARRAY and HOLA Fayetteville will be part of this entire weekend of festivities, so be sure to stop by our booth and say “hi” and pick up a magazine. The celebrations for this amazing event start much earlier and The Arts Council at 301 Hay Street has all the information. Speaking of The Arts Council, they are celebrating their 45th anniversary! The arts are alive and well in our great community! 

September is the beginning of cooler weather (well, it is N.C., so some days) and the fairs and festivals begin in full force, with the holidays not far behind. It’s amazing to think that the year is almost over, but knowing the remaining few months are going to be packed with so many activities, it certainly makes it an exciting stretch.  

The folks of ARRAY and the Downtown community are excited about the upcoming Vine, Hops & Bites Delight event on Thursday, October 11th. Check out our website, www.ArrayNC.com, for information and tickets to that event. The Indigo Moon Film Festival will begin October 12th, and they will be the recipient of a donation from our Vine, Hops & Bites Delight event, as our local non-profit. We are always excited to help promote the arts in our community.  

I could go on and on with all the upcoming events happening in September alone, and I could fill the entire magazine with all that is upcoming in the next three months, but just be sure to pick up a copy of ARRAY each month as we continue to work hard to surprise you with all the area has to offer and the great people living, working, and playing here!  

Welcome to all our new team members at ARRAY and HOLA Fayetteville. Check them out on our website, while reading our online version. Thank you to our readers and to our advertisers. It’s a team effort and each of you are valued and appreciated!  

Happy Raking!