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The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances and Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or you will never change. ~Zig Ziglar (No relation)   

August is here, and we have entered the second half of the year…or Part 2 of 2018. If the first part of the year hasn’t been what you wanted you still have time to make some new choices, take a chance and make the changes needed. We have this opportunity each day when we wake. I’ve been doing a lot of studying on manifestation and basically, we need to believe in ourselves and have a plan. The plan can always be adjusted, and we can push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I’ve been told I am an optimist, but I just believe you can’t settle, even if it means you must constantly try new things. Life is coming at us so rapidly now and it is changing almost daily.   As a business owner, wife, mom, grandmother, caregiver and more, it can be overwhelming at times; trying to keep up with everything and work your business, while trying to have a life as well. I don’t have to try and be Super Woman, Super Mom or even Super Boss, but if I get up each day and do the best I can, keep my eyes wide open for opportunities to diversify my business, while remaining true to the foundation the business was built on, treat others how I want to be treated, AND stay true to my up bringing and beliefs, then life is good, in my opinion.   We are told to take time for ourselves, which is truly important, but I’ve found at times that becomes a job itself. If you take time to help others, that is also a good way to replenish yourself. It may be volunteering at one of our many non-profits helping once a week or even once a month, helping a neighbor, or just walking down the street and saying hi to someone or buying a coffee for the next person in line. I know one guy that will buy lunch for the person in line behind them and that happened to me one day. It’s a good feeling knowing your kind act may have brighten someone’s bad day, and that they will then at some point pay it forward.  Small, random acts of kindness can go a long way, for us and for the other person.  I’m excited as ARRAY approaches the 5-year mark and Hola Fayetteville is approaching the one-year mark! We have lots of exciting plans we are working on, as we build an awesome team, and look at other opportunities to show the community all the greatness we have to offer in Cumberland County and the surrounding areas.   Thank you to our ever-growing number of readers, our advertisers, our team and our cheerleaders. One of our new distribution people was so excited at the response of people when the magazines are being delivered and the positive comments she heard, then she called to tell me. She said that response showed her a lot about the magazine! So, thank you, for those that have believed in us and those that doubted us. Without your beliefs and doubts we would not be where we are now!   Watch out, here comes our Team to do amazing things! We are excited and hope you are excited as well and enjoy and love this great community as much as we do!