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My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. – Jim Valvano

June is here and I’d just like to say “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dads out there. I’m blessed to have my father still living near me – actually, both of my parents. I’m very lucky!  

It’s truly hard to believe that the year is already half over! The last several months have been very busy. I have to say that beginning exercising has been good for my mind, soul, and body! I’m also exploring meditation, and yoga, and eating healthier.  

At ARRAY and Hola Fayetteville, we are making some changes that I’m excited about and there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on. We are sure you will see some of the results soon. Keep watching both magazines and I’ll be sure to share more in the coming months. 

While everyone feels optimistic at the beginning of the year, I’m glad to say I remain optimistic about our local economy throughout the entire year. We have a lot of people and organizations working hard to make the changes needed so we can grow into a great community that everyone will want to be part of. I’m very excited about the future of Cumberland County. Keith Sykes has been covering some of the economic news going on in town and I absolutely love how he puts a great perspective on it. He makes it informative and enlightening – with no yawns included! Be sure to pick up an issue each month to see what behind the scenes news he shares.  

Our layout is improving each month as we try to give you a great publication to read and to look at, as well. Thanks to Sam for trying to incorporate all the new things I throw at him! Joan, our ad designer, is always cool and calm, even when she is thrown those last-minute ad re-designs! 

At the writing of this, we are in the process of bringing in Anissa as our Creative Administrator. At the printing of this, I’m sure the office will be running much smoother, many folks will have talked with her on the phone, and she will have her hands full keeping me reigned in! 

The magazine happens each month due to many people working behind the scenes, doing what they do best. Amanda and Johnnerlyn are helping to bring the voice of our articles back to where they were during the beginning of our roots. Each of our writers have their own unique voice and style and they are very much appreciated and well respected. I’m excited by the direction we are headed and the growth of our wordsmiths!  

I love the direction our photographers are going to be leading us in the next few months. Stone, Diane, Lloyd, and Gloria are amazing, and I’m honored they share their skills and talents with us – so that we can share with you.  

Of course, without the help of my family, this would not be possible, as they step in to help in many ways.  

And of course, a very big thanks to our advertisers, and our readers. Both are so very important to the entire process! You are so very much appreciated!  

Happy Summer Fun to each of you and remember to always believe in yourself!